Our grandmas deserve our sincerest love and respect in as much as we give them to our mums. They spoil us with their overwhelming love and cherish us as if we’re the most precious human being alive. The way they care, value and protect us is indescribable. Our grandmothers, nana, granny,  or whatever you call them are simply one of a kind. So this mother’s day celebration, don’t forget to give thanks and express your great love for them.

During the twilight years of their lives, our grandmas tend to become more sentimental and emotional. Most of them will greatly appreciate and value the non-materials things we give them or those gifts that are personally made by their children and grandkids. Here’s a list of cute and heart-warming mother’s day gift ideas for the coolest and amazing grandmas in the world.

Potted Flowers for Granny

If you’re a mum with cute little kids and wanted your children to do some adorable DIY gift for their granny on mother’s day, making this craft is sure to give them lots of fun. Here are the materials that you will need:


  1. Choose paint colours that will complement with the flower pot.
  2. Paint your children’s hands using a paint brush. Place their hands on the flower pot and press down gently.
  3. Cut out the mother’s day printable (you can also make your own personalised message for granny). Attach it to the bamboo skewer with tape.
  4. Finally, place the flowers in the flower pot and add the printable card. You may contact a  local florist in Perth to help you in choosing the best mother’s day flowers for granny.

‘WOW’ granny with this cute and adorable potted flowers. This is a sure way to make her feel loved and valued.

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

This personalised mason jar picture vase is sure to paint a smile on grandma’s face. Granny will be very happy seeing the picture of her adorable grandchildren together with a bunch of delicate blooms. Here are the materials you’ll need to do this project:

  • Clean mason jar
  • Paint (you may choose your desired colour)
  • Paint Brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clear spray paint
  • Sticker and picture


  1. Create a picture frame window on the jar using a sticker. Cut out the sticker according to your desired style (as for this project, a decorative square is used) and place it on the jar. Start painting the outside of the jar and remove the sticker afterwards. Don’t wait until the paint runs dry as it will be difficult for you to remove the sticker.
  2. Cut the picture according to the size of the picture frame window and attach it to the jar using a painter’s tape.
  3. Seal the outside of the painted jar using a clear spray paint to add durability to the paint and to prevent it from scraping off easily.
  4. Place a foam cup or paper cup inside the jar to hold the flowers. Doing such will protect the picture from water damaged. You can order fresh and beautiful blooms for granny on a local florist in Perth. They are sure to help you decide which type of flower is best for your grandma.

Reaching old age isn’t an easy journey for our grandparents. As they age, the more they wanted to feel love, security, and reassurance that they will and always will be treasured by the people they love the most. On this special day, for the best and amazing mothers in the world, make grandma feel that she is.