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The Magic of Eye Gazing

Have you ever been in that magical moment when your eyes met, and in an instant, there was an inexplicable rush of emotions between you and that person? Yes, love at first sight! The magical power of eye gazing can change your views about love and attraction. Eye...

Different Types of Soulmates You are Destined to Meet

Falling in love has a deeper and underlying essence. Two distinct people of different cultures don’t just come together for no particular reason. More than just feeling something special towards another person, there is this strong, invisible magnetic force that...

A Pat On The Back For Mum

Every child has a mother cheering for him. Let’s turn the tides around and give Mum the love she deserves.

7 Reasons Why Mums Shouldn’t be Called Less than “The Best”

Who says life is great without Mum? From the moment we are brought up into this world, we have been blessed to have a person who is always ready to catch us whenever we fall – we call her “mother”. For all the things she did to make our lives easier, the least...

5 Flower Poems That Will Inspire You to Bloom in Adversity

No single person in this world never had an adversity in life. All of us have our fair share of life’s struggles. Trials in life are what make us human. These make us so vulnerable, yet these are also the things that make us braver and stronger to face another...

DIY Flower Phone Case

Flowers are the epitome of beauty and hold the smiles of heaven. Learn how to incorporate lovely blooms in this fun DIY flower phone case project.

Attract Good Vibes, Say ‘Thank You’

One of the greatest secrets of living a joyous life is to learn how to give thanks, count your blessings, acknowledge everything you receive, and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

8 Surprising Ways to Overcome Sadness

Whatever difficulties you’re experiencing, know that no other person can help and comfort you the most except yourself. Cheer up and overcome your battles.

The 5 Untold Benefits of Giving

Whatever your ways of helping others, remember to give it wholeheartedly. Be surprised how those little random acts of kindness can work wonders in your life.