About Florist Collective

Florist Collective sprung from our passion to provide quality flowers coupled with quality service for all the flower lovers like you. To spread love around and let your loved ones know how you feel about them is our primary goal—it’s what fuels us to do better each time.

With our desire to serve you with gorgeous bunches, we’ve sourced for the gorgeous flowers from the best growers to give you the freshest bouquets.

We envision to give you bouquets that are simple yet superbly beautiful and farm-fresh. Call us today for fast delivery at 1300-297-732 or email us at como@floristcollective.com.au


How It Works

Florist Collective florist will pick the most beautiful and freshest locally-grown blooms from the market.

You visit Florist Collective online and choose a bunch – there are small bunches and big bunches. Or you can subscribe to a weekly or monthly flower delivery.

Florist Collective florist will receive your order from our system. Depending on the bunch you selected, our florist will choose from our freshly picked flowers for your bouquet.

The Florist Collective florist will lovingly arrange the flowers in a modern and artful way.

The Florist Collective runner will then deliver the flowers to your doorstep. If you signed-up to a weekly or monthly subscription, the runner will deliver flowers to your doorstep accordingly.


Seasonal and Locally Grown Flowers

Everyday, Florist Collective will visit the local market to pick the freshest and most beautiful blooms available. Whatever is picked, rest assured you will have the season’s best flowers – picked, arranged and delivered daily.


Artful and Meaningful Bunches

Small Bunch for daily acts of random kindness.
Big Bunch for grand gestures of love and care.
Subscriptions for when you can’t stop thinking about someone.

Florist Collective is the best and most convenient way to send and receive fresh and artful bouquets of flowers in Perth.