Falling in love has a deeper and underlying essence. Two distinct people of different cultures don’t just come together for no particular reason. More than just feeling something special towards another person, there is this strong, invisible magnetic force that attracts you to him or her without really having any explanation behind it.

When we think about “soul mate”, we tend to perceive an iconic couple like William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We then begin to dream of getting married and ending up with someone happily ever after, blah, blah, blah. We seek too much of that “ideal” partner that our perception becomes naive and narrow. Then, we eventually fail to see the bigger picture and become frustrated when we don’t find “the one”.  

So what is it really?

First, you have to open your eyes. Stop those wishful thinking and misconceptions that your soul mate could actually make your life complete because he or she absolutely can’t.

Soul mates are catalysts. They exist in your life because they will drive you to become the best version of yourself. Initially, you will recognise them as someone quite familiar, as though you have known each other for a long time. They often know you far better than you know yourself. You vibrate at the same frequency with your soul mate.  Although you have distinct tastes, values, and beliefs in life, you both “get” each other at a core level.

Soul mates are unforgettable.You can’t immediately recognise them at first but once they leave your life, they engrave a deep mark in your heart. They will love unconditionally; but unfortunately, not all people get the chance to spend the rest of their life with them.

3 Types of Soulmates

Each soul that enters into our lives has a significant purpose no matter how fleeting the encounter. Soulmates serve as our “mirrors”. What we see in a different soul echoes our own soul.

How would you call someone who falls in between being a friend and a soul mate? Here are the different types of “soulmates” to help you decipher that deep connection that you have with that special person.


types of soulmates

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As the most common type of connection,  these are the people in your life who you have chosen because you share the same tastes, interests, beliefs, sense of humour and values. Generally, you are the one who will choose your Soul Friends as you perceive the world similar to how they see it.


types of soulmates

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Think of all the people in your life who have taught you a lesson. Their intention is not to teach but often to provide challenging situations for you to overcome. Soul Teachers naturally come in the form of family members, acquaintances, and even enemies.  They come into your life because you need to learn “something” from them.  


types of soulmates

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The closest relationship to “soul mate” that we can have with someone, with the exception of romantic attraction – is a Soul Companion.  With them, we experience soulful harmony.  

A Soul Companion’s nature is more stable and long-lived to that of a Soul Friend. Your connection would feel as if you’ve known each other for centuries and even past lives. Both your thoughts and emotions are on the same “wavelength”. The bond you share with this special person is something that lasts a lifetime.


Can all of us find soulmates?

The reason why people thrive hard in finding “the one” is because of their lack of deep understanding and love. Most of us believe in the myth that we need another person to be complete. Truth is, we all are given the chance to find soul mates but sadly, not all of us are capable of it. How will you find a soulmate if you don’t understand what a soul is? How will you feel a soulmate’s unconditional love if you can’t even learn to love yourself and other people?

Don’t worry too much on finding your soulmate. Instead, focus more on cultivating yourself to become a better person so when you get to meet the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with – you are 100% ready.

If you are struggling your way through life, always remember that you still have many reasons to smile. You may not yet meet your soul mate for now, but there are still beautiful flowers to inspire you every single day.