Life wouldn’t be this comfortable without our mothers. Yes. We all go through rough times, but things seemed to be bearable because of the presence and never ending support from our mums. All throughout our lives, our mums have always been there for us. They made all sacrifices and endured all the hardships towards becoming a great mother, an awesome wife, and an excellent career woman. They indeed deserve to be called ‘super mum.’

As a tribute to all the ‘super mums’ in the world on Mother’s Day, we’ve gathered cool and hilarious photos that show the indescribable love and care of our mothers for us since we were little ‘till now. This is actually a comparison between the parenting style of mum and dad. Of course, dad is also one of a kind. They’ve exerted all their efforts to become the best and coolest dad for us. But for sure, dad wouldn’t mind if we give this special tribute to mum. Our daddies are sure to agree with all these cute ‘Mum vs’ Dad’ photos.

Mum vs. Dad while baby is sleeping peacefully
Mum vs. Dad when baby gets hungry
Mum vs. Dad during an afternoon walk
Mum vs. Dad when you’re trying to learn bicycle
Mum vs. Dad when they have some time alone with their baby
Mum vs. Dad when you need anything
Mum vs. Dad when asking their permission


Mum vs. Dad during play time
Mum vs. Dad during Saturday bonding
Mum vs. Dad on a cool Sunday Morning

We are so lucky to have amazing mothers who never get tired of loving and taking care of us throughout their lives. On this special day, don’t forget to tell your mums how grateful you are to have them in your life. And of course, make them the happiest people alive as you threw them a surprise. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just make something that is sure to make her feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day.

An adorable and beautiful bouquet of flowers is enough to paint a smile on her face. You may contact a local florist in Perth to help you choose the perfect flower for her. But if you want to give mum more than just flowers, you can freely do that. If you don’t have enough cash to give her a surprise party or dinner, you can always make dad as your accomplice. After all, you both want only the best for her.

Meanwhile, to all the ‘super mums’ who are reading this article today…

Thank you for raising such wonderful children. You truly are amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day!