A flower is a universal medium that conveys various messages and emotions on any occasions. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, sending good luck messages to someone, preparing for a wedding or birthday; the celebration won’t be complete without flowers.

To help you decide which bouquet of flowers to pick for a particular occasion, we’ve gathered 14 of the best Australian native flower arrangements personally designed by our creative and innovative local florists.


Anniversaries are extraordinary holidays. Everyone has their way of celebrating this day, and it won’t be as perfect as it should be without some flowers. These fresh blooms are beautiful reminders of how much we are loved.

Give her a dose of happiness in a bunch

 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Rekindle the spark in your relationship and bring extreme delight to your honey with this bunch of pink Roses.

Wow her with Orchids
 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

You can never go wrong with Orchids. Your honey is sure to love these beautiful blooms.


Aside from using flowers as an element of design in a wedding; flowers have this magical power to set the mood of your wedding with their beauty, elegance, and style.
Beautiful wedding bouquet

 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Go native and be stunning on your ‘Big Day’ with this wedding bouquet.

Chic Wedding Corsage & Buttonhole

 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

These wedding corsage and buttonhole are perfect for your gorgeous bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen.


A bunch of fresh and delicate flowers is the best way to congratulate someone. Nothing works best in a gift shop than beautiful flowers. They are so lovely, fragrant, and can deliver a different feeling of happiness from the inside.

Give a ‘hear-hear'

 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Whatever maybe the achievement of a person dear to you, sending her/him this beautiful bunch is the sweetest way to say ‘Congratulations’.

Send your best wishes

 Australian Native Flower Arrangements

If you’ve got a friend who just recently tied the knot, these unique Australian native flower arrangements are sure to add happiness in the new chapter of their lives.

Just Because

Sending someone a bunch of delicate blooms for no significant reason puts a pep in the step of the recipient. It makes that person feel loved, adored, valued, and thought of. Often, sending flowers when they’re unexpected, works wonders. It can make that person extremely happy and surprised.

Just, say Hi!

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Sending a bunch of beautiful floral arrangements is a cute and unique move to say ‘I miss you!’ or to say ‘Hi!’ to someone.

Bring Smiles!

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

There’s no doubt that flowers can bring smiles and doses of happiness genuinely to anyone who receives it. So if you’re thinking of making someone happy, send this bunch.

Good Luck

Send good luck wishes to someone with unique and exquisite blooms. If someone dear to you is setting off on some adventure, moving somewhere, or starting a new job; sending them flowers are sure to be appreciated.

Give Encouragement

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

There are many ways to show your support to a friend, family, or to a loved one; and sending this stunning Australian native flower arrangement is one of the best.


Show you care!

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Sending someone good luck flowers is a sweet gesture to show you really care.


Who says giving flowers on birthdays is a cliche? For most women, receiving birthday flowers is a lovely gesture. It makes them feel special, loved and remembered. So, on your mother, wife, or girlfriend’s birthday, don’t forget to compliment any gift with flowers.

A dose of delight in a bunch

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Flowers have this magical ability to deliver love and happiness to any occasion. It makes the celebration extraordinary.


A Gift to Remember

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

There’s no doubt that a bunch of flowers make the perfect surprise gift that will always be remembered.

Corporate Flowers

Corporate flowers are important to a business. Aside from the positive mood it sets and the colour it adds to your office; flowers also help to keep the employees motivated at work.

Spread the Good Vibes

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

Beautiful flower arrangement in the workplace improves happiness, creativity, and the productivity of the employees.

Get Motivated at Work

Australian Native Flower Arrangements

The presence of plants and flowers in the workplace can improve the overall mood of the workers. It lowers their levels of stress and anxiety which caused them to feel happier and more relaxed.

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